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Web Site Performance Audit

     Over the last couple of years more and more businesses have jumped on the bandwagon of building their web sites to promote their products and services, but unfortunately most web sites are hurting their owners more than helping them.

     Those web sites suffer from various diseases, including but not limited to poor design, insufficient content to draw visitors attention and raise their interest so convincingly that they pick up the phone and call you about your services.

     It is just so odd that business owners want to attract more clients and customers, but instead most web sites repel visitors. How?

     There are five major illnesses your web sites can suffer from:

  • Failing to draw attention - Every time people look at your site, they either say "I want to check this further" or "This shall pass too". Your visitors must know right away what is in it for them.
  • Not offering free value upfront - If your visitors show interest in your offer but you fail to provide value upfront which is a big disappointment. Remember that on the web people expect lots of free stuff. If you give it to them they will love you. If not, they move on.
  • Lacking uniqueness - Your offer and web site must be perceived as something unique, something pre-emptively different from what everyone in your industry does. You must be able to clearly answer this question: "Why should I hire you, instead of anyone and everyone that is available to me in your industry?" Find a good answer and you are on track.
  • Being presented poorly - This includes poor layout, ambiguous images, eye-infuriating colour scheme, lack of free resources, mindless self-aggrandisement, confusing and incomplete information on your offers and plain hard sell. What are the odds that after visiting your site your visitors quickly leave, shaking their heads in bewilderment?
  • Lacking keep-in-touch methods - In spite of doing all the above, you also need a method to keep in touch with your visitors. Otherwise they just leave your site and never return. You want to keep in touch with them in such away that they will remember you, and only you, whenever they are seeking the kind of service you offer.

     And this is where the CLICK.NET Web Design Web Site Performance Audit comes in...

     The Internet is a marketing tool, thus your web site must include some key components. If you miss any one of them, you will lose out on your Internet marketing investment. These components are:

  • Design and Artwork - Is the site pleasing to the eye?
  • Technology - Are pages seamlessly connected?
  • Content - Does the content of your site make visitors take the right action?

     ...and any Internet marketing firm worth its salt must have demonstrable in-house expertise in all three areas. The Practical Internet Marketing Firm:

  • Technology and Design - Without attractive content 100 visitors can interpret your web site in 101 different ways, creating tremendous confusion among your visitors, and ruining your brand.
  • Design and Content - Without cutting edge technology, your well-designed and expertly written web site remains hidden from the world, turning into a waste of money.
  • Content and Technology - Without eye-pleasing design and colour scheme visitors get turned off even before they would read the detail of your stuff.
  • Technology, Design and Content - All three elements are present, so you will have a well-designed site with attractive content that works like clockwork on various Internet platforms.

     All in all, web sites are pretty complex. And even one weak part can bring your whole web site to its knees, hurting rather than helping your marketing efforts, impacting your sales, business image and reputation.

     So, you see, your site is complex, and all the pieces are interdependent. When all components of your site has been optimized properly, you it operates like the proverbial Swiss watch: You can bet your life on it. Once your site is done properly, it takes lots of work off your shoulders, giving you more time and freedom to do what you must do.

     We examine this elements of your site for maximum performance. They are:

  • Design elements - Is the site attractive and inviting to the eye? Does the design make people want to explore your site any further? How well does it identify you and the brand you represent?
  • Graphics elements -How do the graphic elements (your logo, pictures and icons) fit with the colour scheme?
  • Loading - Does your site load quickly and easily? Are all the graphics optimized to be as small as possible and are you avoiding unnecessary code that bogs things down?
  • Bells and whistles - Do animation elements, roll-over buttons, forms and various other elements add to the success of your site or derail people's attention.
  • Opening Page - Does your opening page express the essence of your business, that is, who you help, what you do and what makes you different? Does it grab visitors' attention and interest?
  • Directions from the opening page - Once on the opening page (home.html or index.html) is the visitor directed to the right place first? Do you know where you want them to go? Do you know what you want them to do?
  • Navigation - Is it obvious where you want people to go? Are the navigation buttons easy to read and click on? Do they go to the right places (not dead ends)?
  • Site Information - Do you include all the necessary information about your business that your visitors are looking for? Do you tell them more about what they get than what you do? Is your content visitor focused or self focused?
  • Depth-of-Content - Is there enough depth-of-content on the site as a whole? Are you giving away enough free information, like articles, reports, assessments, and other useful practical information?
  • Proof of results - Is there enough evidence on your site that you can deliver what you promise? Do you have testimonials, case studies, models and logical, persuasive arguments?
  • Page Headlines - Do your headlines on each page make visitors dig deeper into the page, wanting to know more? Do your benefits clear to your visitors? According to various tests, the headline alone can make up to 2,100 percent difference to your web site. Is it a positive or negative difference on your site?
  • Body Content - Is the written on each page relevant, interesting and enticing to read? Does it motivate visitors to want to know more, read further, and to eventually to contact you?
  • Formatting of Content - Are your pages easy to read? Can readers grasp the essence of each page in only a few seconds? Do you use the most appropriate fonts? Do you use the correct structure for each page?
  • Calls-to-Action - Do you have a number of call-to-action phrases in various places on your pages, which inspire your visitors to take certain desired action(s)?
  • Stay in touch - Is there a way to sign up for a newsletter or eZine on the site so that you can keep in touch with prospects? How well is this implemented?
  • Contact information - Is it easy to find out how to contact you? If you are a firm with several people, can each of your people be contacted separately? Are there several methods for contacting you, including phone numbers, email links and forms? Is there contact information on each page?
  • Order Forms - If you are selling information products on your site, is it 100% clear what purchasers are getting? Have you answered every question buyers may ask? Are your forms easy to use?
  • Shopping Cart - If you are selling information products on the site, do you have a well-set-up shopping cart system that is easy to use and to modify? Can you set up sales and special offers?
  • Keywords - Do you have the best possible keywords on your web site, and are they strategically positioned to increase your web site's ranking on search engines? Are you listed in the main search engines?
  • Link Popularity - How many links are there from other web sites to your web site? The more popular you are, the more likely you'll be listed higher in the search engines. Do you know how to get these links?
  • Link scanning - Have you ever checked the integrity of your web site?
  • HTML (w3c) compliance validation - When have you last checked the validity of your HTML syntax? If you haven't validated your HTML, your web page is not viewable across all browsers and all devices such as PDA's, and cell phones.
  • Keyword density - Do you have enough of the correct keywords hidden in the right places of your web site? Keyword density is the ratio of a keyword or key phrase to the total words (depth) on a page. To rank highly, your keyword density must not be too high or too low. A density of 1% to 7% is generally considered good.

     If you do not know the answers to these questions, then your web site may well be hurting your business more than it is helping it. The success of your web site is the overall synergy of these elements.

     So, what can you do now?

     Before you hire another web site developer or invest 100s of more hours of your own precious time, get our web site Performance Audit. This comprehensive audit evaluates your web site on all of the criteria outlined above, giving you specific feedback on your web site and what you need to do to make it a more effective marketing tool. By following the recommendations we give you, you can take the appropriate steps to improve your web site.

     How to request the web site Performance Audit? Simply fill out the order form below. Your investment for this service is $ 195, which distinguishes those who are serious about their Internet presence, and is easily recovered through increased online sales and reduced cost of acquiring new business. After submission, you receive your web site Performance Audit within one week.

     Yes, I would like to get the Galaxy web site Performance Audit on my current web site. I understand 23 different elements of my web site will be assessed, and I will receive a score for each element plus a total score and concrete feedback and suggestions for improvement. I understand the price for this service is $ 195. I also understand the feedback I receive will be specific to my web site.

     I will also receive a comprehensive how-to web development manual that will go into detail on what exactly is required to assemble an effective Independent Professional web site.

     To order your audit click here.

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