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Pay Per Click Marketing

     Want to make money from your website as soon as tomorrow?

     CPC marketing makes it possible!

     What is CPC?
     CPC, cost per click marketing or paying for clicks from targeted keyword searches. Cost per click marketing is the most targeted form of marketing on the planet. When a person is looking for something specific they search for it on their favorite search engine. Your ad is placed at the top of the search engine listings so you are receiving traffic specifically from people looking for your product or service. You may have seen the sponsor listing on the top of the search engines usually shaded in yellow or pink or blue above the actual search engine listings. We can place your site on the top of all the major search engines with keywords that will have people purchasing your products. Pay per click search engines allows you to get text ad listings and keyword specific coverage in major search engines quickly, and you only pay for the traffic delivered. We manage your cpc marketing by bidding for specific keywords and keyword phrases on your behalf and we place listings across a wide array of search engines including Yahoo, MSN, Ask Jeeves, Lycos, Excite, Hot Bot, Alta Vista, Teoma, Netscape, All The Web, AOL, Go, i-Won, Mama & last but definitely the most important Google. The higher the bids the higher you rank & you only pay for guaranteed quality targeted traffic driven to your site. We manage the entire marketing campaign while you deal with the customers.

     CPC vs. SEO: Getting the best ROI for your money.
     Cost per click marketing is in essence the fastest way to make money online today. Its also a place where untrained campaign managers tend to waste alot of money due to not knowing how to maximize the return on investments. This is due to bad keyword selection, not writing good ads on Google will cause higher cost per click rates, buying keywords that are not present on the page they come in on will result in low conversion rates. CLICK.NET Web Design strategists feel that a well-rounded Internet marketing strategy is essential to the success of any online business. This means that simply purchasing hits to your web page is not enough. SEO Search Engine Optimization is a must when doing cost per click marketing it goes hand in hand. You have to have the target keywords visible when a searcher comes to that page or the searcher will have to dig through your entire website to find the exact thing they want they will lose interest very fast. You must optimize each page for the keywords that best describe the product or service. This means you could have us Optimize the website first and then wait for the search engine rankings or we could optimize for free and put the rest of the money into Guaranteed traffic deliverables by agreeing to have us manage your cost per click campaigns for you. Either way we must make sure that the keywords purchased are exactly what searchers see when they get there in order to achieve the best ROI.

     Pay Per Click Optimization Programs.
     Stop wasting money on poorly managed cpc campaigns, and start making pay per click pay with CLICK.NET Web Design optimization and management services. We use a three-step system to take out all the guesswork, trial and error, and the long pain full hours of making cost per click traffic, pay. After the system is figured properly we come up with a formula that can be duplicated, for example; If you are paying 2000.00 to receive 3000 hits from targeted keywords and you made 4000.00 as a result its pretty simple to see that 4000.00 would make 8,000.00 and so on. It's better than investing in the stock market that's for sure. We will have you reach more people, faster & pay less than your competitors for the same traffic plus we work with you to target the best campaign that will give you the highest yield or ROI and result in real revenue for your company.

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