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Link Popularity

     What is Link Popularity?

     Link popularity is the total number of web sites or web pages that link to your web site.

     Is link popularity important?

     Link popularity is the most important part of getting top search engine rankings in the most important search engines. Google is the reason we build link popularity for our clients they say it is important they even give us the tools to figure out whom we should link from. Start by getting the Google toolbar it tells you page rank ratings. The biggest mistake people make is to overlook this marketing method it is imperative to your success. What you are about to read is Gold!

     Google's Link partner Formula, as we see it...

  • Relevancy - Your link partner's should be relevant to your topic at least 80% of the time.
  • Page Rank is Everything - Each link partner's web page (not web site) that your link resides on should have a Page Rank of 4 or better and less than 30 total links, and that includes links to internal pages on their site as well.
  1. Tip #1 - A link from a link partner's web page that has a Page Rank of 5 is equivalent to having a link from 10-link partner's web pages that have a Page Rank of 4.
  2. Tip #2 - A link from a link partner's web page that has a Page Rank of 6 is equivalent to having a link from 10 link partner's web pages that have a Page Rank of 5 and 100 link partner's web-pages that have a Page Rank of 4.
  • Bad Neighbors - Avoid swapping links with web pages that have a Page Rank of 3 or less. You give up way more than you receive.
  • Anchor Text - The hyper linked word that resides on your link partner's web page must link directly to the product or home page on your site that is about. Or has that name as a title tag.
  • Multiple Pages - Both your 'home' and 'product' pages should have link partners. (Ex: Your home page can have 5 link partners and each of your product pages can have 5 link partners).
  • Quality vs. Quantity - Find yourself 20-25 quality link partners that fall into the criteria outlined and have each one of them link to either your 'home' or 'product' pages using the appropriate keyword as outlined above.

     You Need Link Popularity Most companies will have a staff member in charge of nothing but placing links back to them all over the Internet. Unfortunately if you link from just anyone you will not have a chance to rank well you must chose partners wisely and know how to approach your potential link partner. We take care of this for our clients. Measuring your link popularity.

     Build Your Link Popularity Our staff will seek out top web sites online that are highly relevant to your target audience and have excellent link potential, then contact and request links from each of them individually. This process is very time-consuming, it must be done by hand, one at a time. The objective is build beneficial relationships on your behalf with the right link partners for your business.

     We have developed a formula that guarantees our clients a specific number of links to them. We contact far more than the contracted link partners to ensure that we reach the minimum link partners contracted so we often over deliver.

     The object is to increase link popularity for the purpose of achieving top search engine ranking. This process results in not only top search engine ranking it creates instant traffic from other web sites that compounds weekly. The other bonus is that after the link partners are developed the link partners pay for themselves every month as you continue to receive free traffic for as long as these partners have a web site online. We have experienced traffic increases of over 300% with some sites! That number continues to increase and build momentum after the search engines place you in the top 10 as well. Contact Us for a free consultation regarding building your link popularity.

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