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Alex S., CEO of CLICK.NET Web Design
Email Marketing

     Email marketing and Database marketing

     With our program your web site would:

  • Automatically send email to them on all holidays offering a happy day and 10% off their next visit.
  • Auto sends them product updates or newsletters monthly,
  • Auto sends them a reminder to come back and buy the product or service again.

     Finally a web site design company that is making it easier to do business online!

     CLICK.NET Web Design has been working hard to build a website design that will make it easier to do business online. Email marketing has been used for years and is completely proven. However many people have been using email marketing to send email to people who did not ask for the email, this is called SPAM. Companies that abuse email marketing are very quickly placed on black lists all over the internet, some search engines like Google are very closely monitoring Spammers to protect the integrity of people using there search engine to find good business.

     We believe that email marketing should be used to communicate with existing customers and contacts. There are 2 ways in which we capture contact information so that we can communicate later. One we place a small form on your home page or specific product page. And ask people to enter their email for future updates and or newsletters for product info. Or we offer them something to get the email address a discount or a draw for a free product or service. The second way we obtain information is by you adding the information when the customer is in the business or when you get a new supplier or when you find a new vendor.

     Our custom Contact Database Management Email Marketing platform is completely scalable to any business.

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