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CD Business Card

     Discover the NEW Product - Multimedia cd business cards.


     Trust from a Business Card starts acquaintance with you and your firm. Can you always interest a partner or potential client with Him help of an ordinary Business-Card? Isn't there enough information on it? for arousing his confidence and impressing him? Certainly, not. So the furious speed of up-to-dateness set us seeking for new approaches of running a business, otherwise there is a risk of remaining behind your competitors, Your business partners are always interested in your professionalism, wealth and progress of your company. CD Business Card or Mini Disk with multimedia-presentation contains amount of information, it influences any kind of perception of a person and it can be kept forever. Pictures, drawings, diagrams can be placed on CD Business Cards. With their help you can show seriousness and solidity of your firm, your production and services. You can visually demonstrate your privileges and achievements to your business can interest your potential partners. And the opportunity of presentation into several foreign languages makes it just invaluable. With it's rapidity and adroitness you can achieve your aims. No wonder that in comparison with a paper Business Card, on which only a person's name, activities and telephone number is given, a laser Business Card contains vast information: all the documents and photographs, a three-dimensional drawing, video insertion and an interview. As a matter of fact-it's an amount of the whole server, which is available to your client without entering the internet. All this information is easily read by a CD-ROM of any computer. These Business Cards first of all required by the firms which constantly aim to present their businesses successfully and up-to-date, they also want to be sure that their Business Cards won't be forwarded into a dustbin: since this advertising disk is specially intended for keeping it in any kind of pocket or business-card case.

     Various information can be taken down on CD Business Cards:

  • Presentation of a company or political organization;
  • Business-plan or financial project;
  • Catalogue of productions or services;
  • Portfolio for actors and artists;
  • Advertising information about production;
  • Web-site of a company;
  • Display versions of programmed products and the others....

     CD Business Card demonstration of fact that Your company isn't afraid of seeking and using a new and up-to-date technology for more successful running of your business.

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