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With the growing demand for professional web applications on the internet, CLICK.NET is now ready to serve you. Our Promise: CLICK.NET customers will always receive the best service possible.

Alex S., CEO of CLICK.NET Web Design

Web Design.

     Since we are specialized in multimedia design we can develop much advanced and impressive website for you. We also design local (internal) website that display your website from CD-Rom without the internet connection. Constantly dealing with multimedia design and bandwidth we have accumulated our own unique know-how that allows us to stand out from the competitions.

CD Business Card.

     Discover the NEW Product - Multimedia cd business cards.
     Trust from a Business Card starts acquaintance with you and your firm. Can you always interest a partner or potential client with Him help of an ordinary Business-Card? Isn't there enough information on it? for arousing his confidence and impressing him?

Computer Service.

     We provide proactive maintenance and advice for home computer users. Proper security setups, expert anti-virus advice, and maintenance tips ensure that your systems continue to provide the pleasure you experienced when they were just new out of the box.

Multimedia CD/DVD.

     Creating a multimedia CD/DVD is a complex task. The immense undertaking associated with producing a video, creating animation, designing graphics, or recording narration is compounded because of the hierarchical make-up of this medium.

Web Site Performance Audit.

     Over the last couple of years more and more businesses have jumped on the bandwagon of building their web sites to promote their products and services, but unfortunately most web sites are hurting their owners more than helping them.

Search Engine Optimization.

     Why is search engine optimization so important? The best way to describe why search engine optimization is important is to show you the actual statistics of research done that shows exactly why we need to take the search engine optimization process so seriously.

Email Marketing.

     With our program your web site would:

  • Automatically send email to them on all holidays offering a happy day and 10% off their next visit.
  • Auto sends them product updates or newsletters monthly,
  • Auto sends them a reminder to come back and buy the product or service again.

     Finally a web site design company that is making it easier to do business online!

Link Popularity.

     Link popularity is the most important part of getting top search engine rankings in the most important search engines. Google is the reason we build link popularity for our clients they say it is important they even give us the tools to figure out whom we should link from. Start by getting the Google toolbar it tells you page rank ratings. The biggest mistake people make is to overlook this marketing method it is imperative to your success. What you are about to read is Gold!

Pay Per Click Marketing..

     Want to make money from your website as soon as tomorrow? CPC marketing makes it possible!

Google PageRank Check..

     PageRank is Google's way of deciding a page's importance. It matters because it is one of the factors that determines a page's ranking in the search results. It isn't the only factor that Google uses to rank pages, but it is an important one.

Free Articles..

     Read and use this free articles!

Free SMS..

     Friends far away? Want to communicate whit them? Use our free sms!

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