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Is Your Website Protected?

Is Your Website safe from spammers?

Spammers And Hackers Beware! There's A New Sheriff In Town!

CLICK FIREWALL 2006 is a completely web based solution designed to protect your website.


  • Blocks spam email address searchers
  • Blocks individual IP addresses, or IP address ranges that you specify
  • Disable right click and context menu
  • Helps protect your valuable content, source code, links, and images
  • Disable drag & drop
  • Disable text selecting and copy/paste
  • Disable offline viewing
  • Hides the URLs of your links
  • Keeps your site out of frames
  • Disable screenshots

    CLICK FIREWALL 2006 is based on PHP and Javascript. All you have to do is copy 4 files to your website...that's all! CLICK FIREWALL 2006 will also log every spam program or IP address blocked, along with useful info such as source IP address, requested filename, and more. Start protecting your website with CLICK FIREWALL 2006 Today!

    Download your copy now!

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