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Graphic Design

     Welcome to our GRAPHIC DESIGN PORTFOLIO. Featured here are the Graphic's that we have designed. We take great pride in giving each graphic design the best possible solution.

Skin Care Acne Cosmetics Click Web Design.Net

Skin Care Tips

     This banner was designed as a new addition to our website. This new section features informations about Body acne, Zits, Skin Care Products and Acne Treatments.

    Designed June 2006. Visit: Skin Care, Info, Products, Acne Treatment Articles
Computer Tips Click Web Design.Net

Computer Tips

     We design this banner for a new addition to our website. This new section features Free Computer Tips, Help and Tools to Help You Get the Most Fun and Use from Your Home Computer.

    Designed June 2006. Visit: Computer Tips | Computer and Notebook Reviews | Computers & Notebooks for Sale | Computer & Notebook Buying Guide
Dream Cars Click Web Design.Net

Dream Cars

     We have designed this banner for a new addition to our website. This new addition features used cars, road tests, new cars, concept cars, auto shows, car buying information and much more.

    Designed June 2006. Visit: New Cars, Car Reviews, Used Cars for Sale, & Auto Buying Guide
Grow Your Money.Com

Grow Your Money Banner

     This customer wanted a professional banner for his new website.

    Designed June 2006.
Have Your Dream Car.Com

Dream Car Banner

     This banner was designed for a Dream Car article company.

    Designed June 2006.
Your Skin Care.Com

Skin Care Banner

     This banner was designed for a skin care company.

    Designed June 2006.
CLICK.NET Web Design Logo CLICK.NET Web Design

     This Logo was designed for our company.

Bluetex International Logo Bluetex International

     This Logo was developed for an washing romanian company. Is presenting the colors and image of the company.

     Bluetex International is a leading romanian washing company. They provide technology services that help the cutomers to build and grow the businesses. Bluetex International serves a broad and diversified international client base.

Daksha Logo Daksha

     This Logo was developed for an romanian music band. DaKsha's music achieves a rare balance between classical form and ambient aesthetics, highlighted by stunning elements of world music. Passionate, elegant, deep and always ascending to an ecstatic conclusion, this music is the heartfelt gift of the most promising New Age.

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