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We created this products as we forecast a growing demand for web applications on the internet. Our customers will recive the best services.

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How would you like to earn 30% for every order placed for any CLICK.NET product from a link on your web site? If you have a web site you can join the CLICK.NET affiliate program and earn money by promoting our products on your site. Every time you send us a customer from your site, you earn 30% of each sale.

So, How Does the CLICK.NET Affilate Program Work?
  1. Sign up (it's free) in less than 2 minutes.
  2. Place links on your website or in your emails.
  3. Your visitors click on these links and purchases any of our products.
  4. You earn 30% of the purchase price on any products they buy.
How Do I Get Paid?

The CLICK.NET affiliate program is managed by our software.

After each successful purchase, you will see a tally of products sold to your website visitors in your online control panel after you become an affiliate.

After each month, CLICK.NET Web Design will send you a payment (Paypal or Check) for the amount that you have earned during the last 30 days.

How are Visitors Tracked?

We understand that most website visitors need a few visits before they purchase, so our affiliate program uses both persistent cookies and visitor IP tracking. Each cookie is stored for 6 months, meaning that a visitor from your site can purchase at anytime within 6 months and you will still receive your commission.

Who Should Become an Affiliate?
  • Webmasters
  • Web developers and designers
  • Internet programmers
  • Web hosting providers
  • Internet freelancers
If your site caters mainly towards web developers, web hosts, web masters or freelancers, then the CLICK.NET affiliate program is guaranteed to produce extremely high conversion rates...

6 Reasons to Partner With Us:
  1. Innovative product selection
  2. Affordable, flexible licensing structure
  3. High payouts (30%, with prices of products ranging from $179 to $2,000+)
  4. Great website conversion rates
  5. Free technical support and installation for ALL customers
  6. Mature, stable, reliable and highly popular products
"We love to share! Would you like to profit with us?"

Your Affiliate Manager
Alex Szilaghi

Please note: We do not accept self referrals, so if you're buying our software for yourself or for a client, you can't become an affiliate to receive a discount.
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