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Capcom's newest zombie game is horrific fun

The gaming company that brought us the "Resident Evil" franchise has delivered a new zombie story – one that not only takes place in a familiar setting but speaks to familiar themes.


Dell to recall 4.1 million laptop batteries

Aug. 14: Dell Computer Corp. is recalling laptop batteries in the largest ever personal technology recall. NBC's Anne Thompson reports. (Nightly News)Dell Inc., the world's largest personal computer maker, said Monday it would recall 4.1 million notebook computer batteries with cells made by Sony Corp., the largest recall in Dell's history.


Can woolly mammoths be resurrected?

**APN ADVANCE FOR SUNDAY, OCT. 17** A frozen head of a 10,000-year-old woolly mammoth excavated with a nearly intact head, tusks and a front leg from the Siberian tundra near the town of Yakutsk, northeastern Russia is kept at a laboratory's freezer storage in Yakutsk in this photo taken in October, 2003. The frozen mammoth head and the rest of the body which was excavated in June will be the centerpiece of a world's fair that opens in central Japanese prefecture (state) of Aichi in March, 2005. Descendants of extinct mammals like the giant woolly mammoth might one day walk the earth again. At least that's what Japanese researchers are aiming to do.


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Our Goal

Make People Look Great on Internet

We are a different breed designers but we work like a of team of elite plastic surgeons. We want to make people look good by making them and their company successful, like we've done for many others.
"Professional Web design company " means that
you get visual solutions and technical experience altogether.

We can brand or re-brand your corporate identity, design or re-design your existing Web site, or help you reach out with Internet marketing.
We are a full service professional Web design firm with marketing services.

We specialize in:
Professional Web site design and development
Web application development
Corporate identities and branding
Internet marketing services and consulting
Ecommerce software and shopping cart software

Why CLICK.NET Web Design?

Our process is standard, however our professional solutions are anything but.
A project in steps guarantees that our Web design company delivers high quality results every time.

Requirements - understanding your Web site goals & audience.
Content Architecture - planning your Web site: content & Internet marketing.
Creative Design - creating & refining your unique Web site design.
Implementation - bringing together optimization, design & technical.
Final Testing - quality assurance: testing in multiple environments.
Site Launch - your approved & validated Web site goes live.

A "top Web design company" communicates: your project status 'Anytime, Anywhere.'
CLICK.NET Web Design guarantees that you are kept up to date with your project. Through your AcroNet account you can preview designs, make requests and see project timelines and responsibilities.

Your wish is our command.
A wide range of monthly maintenance packages guarantees you continued success with your Web site.

It's free!
A free Web design consultation and proposal guarantees you a no-risk start to your relationship with CLICK.NET Web Design.


Is Your Website Protected?
Is Your Website safe from spammers?

Spammers And Hackers Beware! There's A New Sheriff In Town!

CLICK FIREWALL 2006 is a completely web based solution designed to protect your website.

    CLICK FIREWALL 2006 is based on PHP and Javascript. All you have to do is copy 4 files to your website...that's all! CLICK FIREWALL 2006 will also log every spam program or IP address blocked, along with useful info such as source IP address, requested filename, and more. Start protecting your website with CLICK FIREWALL 2006 Today!

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CLICK.NET Web Design of Maple Ridge, British Columbia is a bright, young search engine optimization company emerging in an industry surrounded by hype and cynicism. CLICK.NET Web Design Marketing has expanded its SEO arsenal by offering Web site usability testing and conversion services to its clients, in order to improve the likelihood that their Internet marketing efforts have the greatest impact on consumers.

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